Fantasy Money Box

With the Fantasy Money Box it is only the imagination that sets limits to the visual branding of your messages. There is both the option of logo imprint and digital printing on the lid of the money box. In addition, you have the option of designing your own inlay paper. This allows the Fantasy Money Box to be used as a promotional gift for all industries. There are coin slots in the screw lid, available in several colours.

Additional information

1 carton contains

48 pcs.



One pallet contains

2160 / 2352 pcs.

Print Position

Print on paper

Print Size

80 x 230 mm

Size of carton

35 x 36,3 x 39 cm

Size of each product

85 x 75 x 75 mm

Solid colours

Yellow, red, green, blue and black

Weight of carton

4,4 kgs.

MOQ with imprint

500 pcs.