Environmental Policy

• As a plastic processing company, we recognize the responsibility we have regarding the environment.

• We are constantly working to make our production of plastic products more sustainable.

• In particular, we are working to reduce resource consumption in terms of materials, transport and energy.

• The use of recycled raw materials and the reclamation of our own plastic waste are in focus.

• To support our professional competence, we are a member of the organization "Plast Industrien i Danmark" (Plastic Industry in Denmark).

• As a part of our environmental focus, we are a proud member of Operation Clean Sweep, having pledged to implement the OCS programme for achieving Zero Pellet Loss.

• We manufacture our products at our own factory in Denmark. The short transport route for our products within Europe burden the environment much less, with regard to CO2-emissions, than products imported from Asia to Europe. A more environmentally friendly process.

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Sustainable products (recycled)

We constantly work to expand our series of products made from recycled material.

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More facts about plastic and the environment: