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Keychains, Piggy Banks and Money Boxes with logo imprint

Keychains, Piggy Banks and Money Boxes with logo imprint

We are specialized in the production and personalization of Keychains, Piggy Banks and Money Boxes with logo imprint. Our products are sold through resellers in the promotional product industry all over the world. The wide range within each product category makes it possible for our customers to find a promotional item suitable for almost all their clients.

Danish design and production

All our Keychains and Piggy Banks are produced in The Netherlands- which ensures that we can maintain a high quality and a short delivery time.




NEW: Piggy banks, money boxes and keychains made of recycled material

Promotional gifts made of recycled materials are ideal for customers with a green corporate identity.

A limited selection of our products used to be made of recycled plastic. After a period of product development, we became completely satisfied with the look, feel and quality of recycled plastic, and at the beginning of 2019 we decided to give our customers the free choice between PS or recycled PS on most of our Piggy Banks and Money Boxes. During 2019 we also launched 9 of our keychains in recycled materials.

On products made of recycled material, there can be minor variations in colours and small impurities in the material. In our opinion, these small differences only helps to emphasize that the material is recycled.

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