FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than happy to answer our customers questions. If the questions below do not give you the answers you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us at sales-jalema@t3lgroup.com


Where can I purchase your keychains / piggy banks / money boxes?
We sell our products through retailers of promotional items worldwide. If you don´t have a retailer, please contact us at info@poul-willumsen.com – and we will put you in touch with a dealer in your country / area.

What is the MOQ for Keychains / Money Boxes?
Our keychains with imprint are sold in MOQ 1,000 pcs. and money boxes in MOQ 500 pcs. Without imprint it may be possible to buy a smaller amount - depending on our stock status for the individual product.

Why can't I see the prices on your website?
Since we sell through retailers, and therefore have price lists for retailers, these are not publicly available on our website. As a retailer you are welcome to request a price list by writing to sales-jalema@t3lgroup.com

How long is the delivery time on Keychains and Money Boxes?
The delivery time for all our products is approximately 5-6 weeks from your approval of print. By agreement, however, it is also possible for faster delivery on urgent orders.

Is delivery time shorter for keychains / piggy banks without print?
In principle, delivery time is 5-6 weeks both with and without imprint. In some cases, however, it may be possible to get products without imprint delivered faster - it depends on whether we have the product in stock or must produce it first.

What does the delivery cost?
Since the delivery costs for the individual countries are very different, we send an offer with a freight price based on the specific number of keychains / money boxes and recipient country / postal code prior to entering the order.

Can we have a different color keychain or money box than the colors shown in the catalog / on the website?
Yes. In the front part of our standard catalog you can see all our standard colors. If you want, for example, a keychain in a standard color that is not shown next to the specific keychain in the catalog / on the website, it can be ordered in min. 3,000 pcs. against a surcharge. When ordering 5,000 pcs. waives the supplement. The same principle applies to the piggy banks - however, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 pcs. (and 2,000 pcs. without surcharge).

It is also possible to get a product in a specific Pantone color. This requires a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pcs. for key rings and 2,500 pcs. for piggy banks. There will also be a surcharge for color matching.

On which products do you offer digital printing?
Digital printing is only possible on selected money boxes / piggy banks, depending on the form / curvature. Please contact us at sales-jalema@t3lgroup.com to receive more information, examples or information about imprint area, etc.

What are your keychains made of?
Our keychains are made of acrylic, popularly known as plexiglass, of the highest quality, characterized by a hard, glossy surface. Many of our keychains are also available in recycled acrylic, which is also a material of very high quality. 

What does your recycled material consist of - do you recycle your own material?
Our recycled material consists of recycled milled polystyrene/acrylic, which we buy from other companies. We do not use our own milled material as recycled, as according to EU rules it cannot be described as "recycled". However, in order to avoid material waste, we sell or recycle our own surplus material in other ways, eg. for making locks for piggy banks.

Where are your products produced?
All our keychains and money boxes are produced and printed in The Netherlands, at our factory in Reuver.

How are the products designed?
Our products are designed in Denmark - the design process takes place in close collaboration with our associated designers / product developers.

Is it possible to design their own keychain / money box?
We have over the years developed a number of special designs, adapted to the wishes of the individual customer. It requires a certain amount of circulation to design his own product - for example, minimum 25,000 pcs. keychains. If you have any wishes for a special design, feel free to write to us at sales-jalema@t3lgroup.com and inquire about the possibilities.

Which file types should you use to print logo?
We receive both Illustrator ai / eps files and vectorized pdf's. The colors in the file must be specified as Pantone.