The House Money Box

The House Money Box with or without logo print on the facade. This piggy bank is shaped like a classical narrow house and has a coin slot in the side. The House Money Box is an ideal advertising gift for, say, real-estate or insurance companies or any company whose physical domicile is of great importance. You can combine several colours in your houses, and if you want to make a complete advertising package, we also have a nice key ring, designed as a house, in our key ring assortment. Lock and key included.

Additional information

1 carton contains

50 pcs.



One pallet contains

2.000 pcs. / 40 boxes

Print Position

Between the windows and the door, see print example in the gallery.

Print Size

70 x 15 mm

Size of carton

39 x 29 x 42 cm

Size of each product

190 x 80 x 55 mm

Solid colours

Blue, red and yellow

Weight of carton

6,5 kgs.

MOQ with imprint

500 pcs.