Small Cutie Keychain

The Small Cutie Keychain is one of our popular keychains, shaped like a “cute” pig with an upturned snout . Small Cutie is the one of our “pig keychains” with the largest area for logo imprint or messages on the side of the pig. Advertising gift of a really nice quality targeting agribusinesses among others. In the same series there is also a Cutie Piggy Bank in two sizes, Cutie and Big Cutie.

The recycled edition comes with an elegant flat ring in chrome-look, stamped on both sides with “Recycled plastic / Made in Denmark”. You can also buy the recycled edition with standard ring.

Note: On keychains made of recycled material, there can be minor variations in colours and small impurities in the material. In our opinion, these small differences only helps to emphasize that the material is recycled.

Additional information


PMMA acrylic recycled or standard

Solid colours

Black, Blue, green, red, white and light pink

Transparent Colours

Purple, Blue, Clear, Green, Hot pink, Light pink, Red

Size of each product

40 x 25 x 20 mm

Print Position

On the back or on the side, see print example in the gallery.

Print Size

20 x 10 mm

1 carton contains

1,000 pieces – packed with 100 pc. in a welded poly bag

One pallet contains

50.000 pcs. / 50 boxes

MOQ with imprint

1.000 pcs.

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