Breeze Money Box

The Breeze Money Box is shaped like a wave and comes in transparent colours. With this money box, you can choose between pad print (logo) or digital print of your own motif on one or both sides. The shape makes this money box the obvious product to illustrate waves, water, energy, flags, etc. The option of personalizing the surface with digital print also makes it possible to use Breeze as a promotional product in all kind of industries. Lock and key included.

Additional information

1 carton contains

54 pcs.

One pallet contains

3024 pcs.


PS or recycled PS

Print Position

On either side, see print example in the gallery.

Print Size

68 x 125 mm

Size of carton

39 x 29 x 30 cm

Size of each product

140 x 85 x 32 mm

Transparent Colours

Clear, red, green and blue

Weight of carton

5,4 kgs.

MOQ with imprint

500 pcs.