Information regarding Covid 19

Dear customer and business partner

Important information regarding COVID 19:

Our company is open as always - production and sales continues

As in all other countries, Denmark has in recent days imposed a number of restrictions regarding workplaces and closed its borders. We understand that this may create uncertainty about your current and future orders with Poul Willumsen, and therefore we will release this information.


Can you safely place your order with us?
The answer YES.


It is important for us to emphasize that:

  • Shipping of goods out and in of Denmark is allowed. We can therefore still deliver
    our products abroad as long as your company is open and able to receive the package,
    and as long as the carriers are operating and are granted access to the recipient country.
  • As we produce our goods in Denmark, we still have a short delivery time.
  • Both our production and sales department are staffed, in order to help our customers
    with their orders in the best possible way.
  • We take a number of natural precautions to ensure our employees - including
    encouraging a high level of hand hygiene and keeping a good distance from each other.
    We will not let other people into our premises without prior arrangement.
  • We will of course keep you updated if the situation in Denmark should change into
    a direction that affects our production conditions.

Handling of orders, production and delivery:
We can receive and produce orders as always.

When your order is produced, we will contact you and agree how the delivery will take place, taking into account the given situation in Europe.
Should you wish us to keep the order for delivery at a later date, this may also be possible. Details are agreed upon each case.

We are optimistic - both on our own and our customers’ behalf
We are confident that good times will return after COVID 19.
A time when companies are again given the freedom to continue their daily operations,
events and marketing just like before COVID 19. We wish that all our customers
and partners will come through this time as best they can.

Best regards,
Team Poul Willumsen